Print this page and hang it next to the Paddelmeasure

How to use the Paddlemeasure

In order to ensure maximum accuracy, it is vital that the Paddlemeasure is installed correctly.
The two parts of the measure must fit to a smooth plane surface.
The sides of the two parts must be parallel. Aline them along the edge of a table, a wooden plank or something of that sort.

Place the paddle in the two parts. Make sure that both ends of the Paddle make contact with the sides of the measurer.
Fiber paddles may have to be turned upside down for optimum contact with the measuring part.
The measure is designed for either left- or righthand controlled paddles.

The length of the paddle can be measured easily and accurately by entering a tape measure in the slots.
Using a tape measuere without a brake, ensures that the tape is taught when the parts of the measure are being moved .

Both parts have been fitted with a hole that can be used to hang the measuerer on a nail.

Use it!
If you assembled your paddle with tape, then measure it's feathering before rowing. That way you can control if the feathering is changing as a result of the tape slipping. And you can easily return to the original feathering.
With the Paddlemeasure changing the feathering is simple. This makes it easy for you to develop your paddling style by changing the feathering of you paddle gradually. Enjoy!

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